The Job Readiness and Employability Development program (JOB-RED) is a social development programme and a job seeker ‘s toolkit that helps young people fulfil their potential through confidence building, internships and opportunities for the world of work

Jobred is an employability toolkit that supports learners to develop essential 21st century skills to prepare them enter and progress in the workplace. Its target are the youth market, to include secondary and university students and youth corps members.

Why us

We are a specialist learning and social development consultancy focused on creating learning tools that meet the real needs of Africa. We have a deep understanding of the people, processes, markets and culture and are passionate about helping businesses and individuals succeed within the African emerging markets. We believe we are accountable for how our communities develop – that means we need to act when we realise something is going wrong.

Our Goal

To define a long term strategic plan that places 21st CENTURY SKILLS in the hands of young people

Our Method

We believe that it is our mandate to invest in our youth, and so we work in schools and Universities. We developed ‘12 Work Talents’ with our youth in mind.

Our Vision

To build a new generation of skilled workers to become positive contributors to society

The programme was informative, well-packaged and educative. I look forward to witnessing another great episode

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How I wish we had more time to learn, JOBRED made my day

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The training served as an eye opener for me. As this has helped me to constantly be prepared for the job market. Thank you very much

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The seminar was quite interactive and a positive eye opener to what employers want